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Silverbrook Cemetery (1400 East Main Street)

Walking Tour of Silverbrook Cemetery

Silverbrook Cemetery Map
Map Directory/Historical Markers
Friends of Silverbrook Cemetery

Silverbrook Cemetery is City-owned and operated. The cemetery grounds are open from 8:00 am to dusk, year around. Information regarding burial lots or fees may be obtained by calling or visiting the Silverbrook Cemetery office. Office hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  Information on rules or regulations for the cemetery are shown below.

The cemetery occupies approximately 70 acres of land. The oldest burial is that of Isaac Gray, who was buried in September of 1830. A printed walking tour guide is available on this page.

From November 15th to April 1st of each calendar year, the use of artificial wreathes and flowers, glass cases and glass boxes are permitted. During the period from April 2nd through November 14th, the use of decorations and articles as noted above are strictly prohibited, and the cemetery shall have the right to remove and dispose of them.

Silverbrook Cemetery Fee Schedule

Questions or comments regarding cemetery operations should be directed to Gary Soper, Public Works Superintendent, at 269-683-4700, ext 3050.

Cemetery Regulations

  1. No glass receptacles at any time will be allowed in the cemetery.
  2. No dogs will be allowed at any time in the cemetery.
  3. Shepherd’s hooks shall not be cemented into the ground. Cemetery personnel must be able to move the hooks when necessary.
  4. All artificial flowers, plant baskets, and decorations must be within 12 inches of an upright marker, as not to impede mowing operations.
  5. All decorations and flowers on flush marker graves shall be in containers and easily moved by cemetery personnel. Objects around a flush marker will be removed without notice if troublesome to mowing operations. Also, artificial flowers are not allowed in the Cemetery from April 2 thru November 14.
  6. All cement and metal urns must be placed so as not to impede mowing operations. Any urn which is unused or broken will be removed by the cemetery.
  7. Cemetery personnel have the right to remove from burial spaces any unsightly or undesirable objects.
  8. There shall be no fence, curbing, brick, stone or other edging placed upon any grave. Cemetery personnel shall remove these items without notice.
  9. The cemetery shall remove any and all flowers, trees, shrubs and hedges which may become unsightly, dangerous, unmaintained, or encroaching on any adjacent lot.
  10. When the cemetery is required to remove a tree or bush in order to make the lot useable, the cost of removal shall be borne by the lot owner.
  11. All plastic and wire stem flowers must be secured in a container as not to blow about the cemetery and shall not impede mowing operations.
  12. Cemetery personnel will remove flowers used at funerals for the adornment of graves that become unsightly.
  13. The cemetery will not be responsible for flowers cut by accident during mowing and trimming operations, although due care will be taken to prevent this from happening. Flowers planted in the ground and not maintained will be removed.
  14. All potted plants must be placed so as not to impede mowing operations.
  15. Winter decorations will be allowed November 15th thru April 1st. Easter decorations will be removed by Cemetery personnel one week after Easter. Summer decorations will be allowed May 1 thru Labor Day weekend. Halloween decorations will be allowed from October 1 thru October 31.


Friends of Silverbrook Cemetery

A non-governmental volunteer organization called The Friends of Silverbrook Cemetery works to preserve the history of our city through their love of the municipally owned cemetery.  The Friends of Silverbrook Cemetery spend time assisting in the cleaning, maintenance and preservation of this historic cemetery.  For more information see their website at  You can also contact Tim or Candace Skalla at 269-362-3142 or click here to send them an email.