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Police Department Overview
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Divisions and Units

The Niles Police Department is a full-service police agency, providing police protection to a city of approximately 13,000 residents and a land area of approximately 6 square miles. Niles is a growing and culturally diverse community. The Niles Police Department currently employs 32 full-time persons, 23 sworn officers and 9 civilian employees, including 7 dispatchers.

Volunteers in Police Services
Crime Scene Investigation Unit
Special Response Team
Detective Bureau
Dispatch Center
K-9 Unit
Patrol Operators
Records Bureau

Crime Scene Investigation Unit

This unit contains specially trained officers who assist in collecting evidence at crime scenes.  These officers assist in recognizing, collecting, processing, and packaging evidence.  They have received training in the following evidence disciplines: DNA, fingerprints, footwear / tire tracks, trace evidence, bullet trajectory, blood spatter, and arson evidence. 

An evidence processing room is located inside the Law Enforcement Complex.  This room has all the necessary equipment to process and then package any evidence collected at crime scenes.  The unit works closely with the State Police Crime Labs who may then analyze the evidence.


Vehicle Crash Scene Investigation

Officers who assist in investigating serious injury or fatal traffic crashes have specialized training.  These officers respond to crashes to document, analyze, and re-construct the sequence of events.  Officers investigate what happened before the crash, during the crash, and after the crash.  Many times the direction of travel, speed, cause of the crash, and sequence of events can be determined.  

Special Response Team (S.R.T.)

Niles' Special Response Team is a multi-jurisdictional task force designed to handle serious emergency situations. The team is composed of officers who are extensively trained in the use of special weapons and tactics. This team is called upon to handle emergencies such as hostage or barricaded suspect situations, high-risk warrant services, and other situations involving anticipated extreme danger. S.R.T. members are also trained and used to assist in the protection of visiting dignitaries.  For more information on the S.R.T click here.

Detective Bureau

Members of the detective bureau investigate crimes such as: homicides and suspicious deaths, child molesting and sexual assaults, complex frauds, and pattern armed robberies and burglaries, to name a few. The detective bureau is also part of a multi-jurisdictional task force monitoring drug activity throughout Berrien and the surrounding counties. The detective bureau also investigates gang-related activity in and around the City of Niles.

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Trained telecommunication personnel answer all 911 calls from the City of Niles, and dispatch the appropriate public safety personnel, be it police, fire, or ambulance. The dispatch center is also responsible for activating the Emergency Broadcasting Network in the event of natural or man-made disasters, communicating with officers in the field, and maintaining computer links with state and federal criminal justice networks.



 K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit used by the Niles Police Department is trained to track fugitives, search buildings for suspects and drugs, search out accident victims or lost persons, and to protect their handlers from harm at the hands of criminals. 

Patrol Operations

Patrol operations is the largest and most visible arm of the police department. Officers of the patrol operations respond to calls for assistance from the public, investigate traffic accidents, and keep the peace. These officers also are called upon to enforce traffic laws, assist motorists and enforce criminal laws and city ordinances.

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The Records Bureau maintains all of the files for the police department, enters reports and crime data into computer databases, assists the public with obtaining copies of police reports, and serves as a first contact point for persons entering the department.

The Records Bureau of the Niles Police Department charges a fee for the following services:


  • Copy of Report
  • Fingerprints ( Monday-Friday only)
  • Vehicle Identification Number Check
  • Criminal History Check
  • Gun Permit Application
  • Notary Service

The Records Bureau is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


The Niles Police Department has fifteen volunteer police officers.  These citizens assist full-time officers with routine patrol and special details during parades, festivals and other events.

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