Niles, Michigan...the City of four flags!

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Our Area Code is (269)
in Niles, Michigan 49120

Listing of Select Niles City Locations

City Hall Administration
333 N. Second St Ste 301
683-4700 ext. 3011
684-3930 Fax
Finance Department
333 N. Second St., Ste 201
683-4700 ext. 2010
684-3907 Fax
Niles History Center
508 E. Main Street
845-4054 ext. 4010
684-3930 Fax
Fire Department
1345 E. Main Street
683-5895 Fax
Police Department
1600 Silverbrook
683-1313 Dispatch
683-0058 Fax
Building Safety Division
1345 E. Main Street
683-5895 Fax
Silverbrook Cemetery
1400 East Main St.
684-3930 Fax
Niles Dial A Ride Transportation
623 N. Second Street
684-5154 Fax
Utilities Department
333 N. Second St. Ste 101
Billing ext. 8003
Service ext. 8004
684-3907 Fax
City Clerk's Office
333 N. Second St. Ste 301
683-4700 ext. 3030
684-3930 Fax

Community Development Office
333 N. Second St. Ste 301
683-4700 ext. 3020
684-3930 Fax
Public Works Department
333 N. Second St. Ste 301
683-4700 ext. 3061
684-3930 Fax
Plym Park Golf Course
401 Marmont Street
684-3930 Fax
Wastewater Treatment Plant
21 Marmont Street
683-3540 Fax

Listing of Niles City Officials

Mayor Nick Shelton 269-479-6132

City Council Members
1st Ward:
Georgia Boggs 269-683-3873
Gretchen Bertschy 269-687-4932

2nd Ward:
Dan Vandenheede 269-635-8458
Robert Durm 574-323-3453

3rd Ward:
Charlie McAfee


William Weimer 269-683-4446

4th Ward:
Wm Tim Skalla 269-362-3142
John DiCostanzo 269-683-9517

City Officials
Administrator Richard Huff
Assessor Nancy Williams
Attorney Robert Landgraf, Jr.
Building Official Guy Lewis
Cemetery Supt. Neal Mikel
City Clerk Linda Casperson
Community Development Director Sanya Vitale
Finance Director Sandy Naugle
Fire Chief Larry Lamb
Museum Director Christina Arseneau
Police Chief James Millin
Public Works Director Joseph Ray
Public Works Superintendent Gary Soper
Utilities Manager Jeff Dunlap
Wastewater Superintendent Derek Gordon
Service Center Superintendent Gregg Watson